Summer Hikes

It’s another world out there! A mere hour from Beirut and it seems I’m in another country. Beautiful vistas, endless trails, fresh air, local food – bliss!

Every Sunday, the Club des Vieux Sentiers (CVS), Lebanon's oldest hiking club, offers hikers and nature lovers a beautiful hike somewhere in Lebanon. Image courtesy of Nathalie Rosa Bucher

Hiking highlights of the day while hiking around Laqlouq were eating cherries from the trees and meeting a shepherd and his goats. Image courtesy of Nathalie Rosa Bucher

Magnificent views during a hike around Laqlouq with the CVS. Image courtesy Nathalie Rosa Bucher

About Tales from a Small Country

I'm a project coordinator and features writer with a passion for the seventh art, a keen interest in culture and mobility, as well as social and environmental subjects. Half French, half German by origin possibly explains why I am drawn to divided countries and diverse societies: I called Cape Town in South Africa home for over a decade before coming to Beirut in early 2012. Besides people watching and cats, I also love Tripoli, Lebanon's second city.
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